Preparing for the Pre-Purchase Survey:

The surveying of a vessel requires that the surveyor be able to observe and check a lot of things in a short amount of time. It is most helpful if the following guidelines, are observed:

The owner or the owner’s representative should have the vessel's papers on board, and be available for the entire time of the survey to operate the vessel during the water test, and demonstrate all machinery aboard the vessel. 

The survey requester will be responsible for the entire haul out expense, unless prior arrangements are made. This expense will need to be paid at the time of the haul out. Cash or credit cards are usually accepted; it is best to verify this beforehand.

Each fuel tank should have adequate fuel for the seatrial.

Shore power and power cord should be available to test AC electrical components.

Fresh water tank should have an adequate supply of water for testing of all fresh water system components.

All extra equipment and gear should be removed and stored ashore, to gain access to storage lockers.

Verify that all required safety equipment is on board and up to date.

The Surveyor’s fee will need to be paid at or before the end of the inspection. Cash, Check, or credit cards are accepted.

Proper preparation by all parties makes the survey experience enjoyable.  

The Prepurchase Survey: This survey is the most thorough and comprehensive survey we perform. During this inspection it is our goal to find any and all defaults with the vessel.  We inspect the electrical systems, mechanical systems, waste systems, fuel systems, water systems, navigation equipment, safety equipment, structural integrity, and cosmetic condition.  We verify that the vessel is in compliance with all federal requirements ABYC and NFPA.  During this inspection we highly recommend that the vessel is sea trialed and hauled out for bottom inspection.  Furthermore, we help to further educate you the purchaser about their new vessel.